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MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy

MRP MATILA RÖHR PRODUCTIONS is a company that produces feature films in Finland and abroad which two film industry professionals, Marko Röhr and Ilkka Matila, have been building since 1990. Over 40 award-winning films, international co-productions and numerous underwater documentaries and television series all represent the vision and professionalism of the company. Many MRP's films are considered milestones in the history of the Finnish film industry and have been highly acclaimed by both the audiences and the critics alike. In Finland, films produced by MRP have sold over 3 million tickets in film theatres.

MRP Matila Röhr Productions has extensive networks with the most important actors in the field of European film production, and it is a highly esteemed partner in co-operation in the Nordic countries. MRP is a well-known and respected brand even outside the film industry. The successful history of the company obliges us to develop our expertise even further and set the standards high for our film productions.




2017 The Eternal Road

2017 Life in Four Elements

2016 Rolli and the Secret of All Time

2016 Tale of a Lake

2015 1944

2014 Raspberry Boat Refugee

2013 Rolli and the Golden Key

2012 Tale of a Forest

2012 Body Fat Index of Love

2011 Body of Water

2010 Priest of Evil

2009 Backwood Philosopher

2008 Päätalo

2007 Röllin sydän

2007 Sooloilua

2007 Georg Ots – rakkaani

2007 Suden vuosi

2006 Yhdeksäs komppania

2005 FC Venus

2005 Äideistä parhain

2005 Lupaus

2003 Vieraalla maalla

2003 Emma ja Daniel – kohtaaminen

2003 Helmiä ja sikoja

2003 Mosku – lajinsa viimeinen

2002 Nimet marmoritaulussa

2002 Umur

2002 Kuutamolla

2001 Rölli ja metsänhenki

2001 Tango kabaree

2000 Downhill city

2000 Lakeuden kutsu

1999 Silmä silmästä

1999 Pitkä kuuma kesä

1999 Rukajärven tie

1998 Tulennielijä

1996 Jerusalem

1996 Tie naisen sydämeen

1994 Anita

1994 Rhytm

1993 Yöjuna

1991 Rölli - hirmuisia kertomuksia