Uutiset (GB)

Uutiset (GB)

The series stars the Finnish actress Riitta Havukainen and Malaga-born actor Fran Perea. Cast members also include María Romero, Óscar Zafra and Emilio Palacios, and the Finnish actors Risto Tuorila, Carl-Christian Rundman and Armi Toivanen.

Riitta Havukainen and Fran Perea

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, Finnish public television network Yle and MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy are shooting “Paradise” on the Costa del Sol, a series starring Fran Perea (“The Serranos”, “Luna, el misterio de Calenda”, “La sonata del silencio”, “The Last Circus”) and Riitta Havukainen (“Fakta homma”, “Harjunpää ja heimolaiset”). Filmed in Finnish, Spanish and English, the crime drama is directed by Marja Pyykkö, responsible for police series “Hooked” and “Black Widows”, winner of the prestigious Golden Venla award; and with the collaboration of Matti Laine, author of detective novels and the series “Border Town” and “Bullets”, as head screenwriter. The series, which will be airing at the end of the year in Finland, was filmed in November on location in Finland, and from January on the Costa del Sol.

Ran Tellem, Head of International Content Development for THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and Emmy award winner as executive producer for “Homeland”, collaborated on the development of this dark themed series, consisting of 8 episodes. 

“Paradise” also features Spanish actors María Romero (“Historias románticas (un poco) cabronas”, “El olivo”), Óscar Zafra (“Querido maestro”, “Victim Nº 8”) and Emilio Palacios (“Servir y proteger”, “La zona”), among others; and the Finnish ones Risto Tuorila, Carl-Christian Rundman and Armi Toivanen, among others.  

The contrast between the cold north and the sunny south is the backbone of the plot, whose production began last October in the Finnish city of Oulu. It is in this difference between the dark and grey environments of the Nordic country, with its endless nights and very short days, and the sun and light of the Mediterranean, ever-present in the series filmed on the Costa del Sol, where one of the novel features of this fiction lies.

After filming in Oulu and the surrounding area, “Paradise” moved to the Costa del Sol, where there is an important Finnish community, founded in Fuengirola at the end of the 60’s and currently consisting of nearly 15,000 Finnish residents, a figure that increases in high season. Filming in Spain began at the end of January and will end on April 10.


In addition to sea and sun, the Finnish community have everything they need to feel at home: schools, lawyers and all the services they might need in their native tongue. They have a newspaper published in Finnish, a native Finnish doctor and, if all else fails, there’s a good Finnish undertaker ready to take over.


But what happens when Finns start showing up dead, murdered in paradise?



Photo: Riitta Havukainen and Fran Perea. ©Ana Belén Fernández

Over 20 000 people have seen Nature Symphony in Finland making it the most watched documentary in the beginning of 2019.




The film is part of the program of the “Finland 100” centenary celebration year 2017 and the premiere is planned for 22 September 2017.


The shooting  of the film Ikitie (The Eternal Road) directed by AJ Annila began in Tallinn, Estonia, 20 June 2016. The present shoots will take about six weeks and the last shooting period is scheduled for January 2017. The film is based on Antti Tuuri’s blockbuster book by the same title. Antti Tuuri has written the screenplay for the film together with AJ Annila.

 The film is realized as an international co-production between Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The producer of the film is Ilkka Matila from MRP Matila Röhr Productions in Finland, the co-producers are  Martin Person from Person Anagram in Sweden and Kristian Taska from Estonian Taska Film.  

 ”Finally we get to honor the memory of these people who followed their idealism to a strange country and died there, betrayed and forgotten”, producer Ilkka Matila remarks. “Silenced stories are an important part of the identity of all nations. The time always comes when they have to be told because it helps us to understand ourselves and our future.”

 The film’s cast is an impressive international ensemble, including Tommi Korpela, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ville Virtanen, Jonna Järnefelt, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Helen Söderqvist, Hendrik Toompere, Sampo Sarkola, Irina Björklund, Antti Virmavirta, Lembit Ulfsak, Emmi Parviainen and Eedit Patrakka.

 The music is composed by Swedish Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm and Ian Person, known from the highly popular band The Soundtrack of Our Lives.  Finnish-American Grammy Award winner Eric Peltoniemi and rap artist Paleface, who was awarded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation this year, will arrange music of American Finns for the film.


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Tale of a Lake in Cinemas on 15 January 2016!


Tale of a Lake is a film about the thousands of lakes that Finland is known for. It takes the viewers on an unprecedented adventure, ranging from the crystal clear springs all the way to the basins of the big lakes. It opens a whole new world of underwater nature for the viewers, and tells about the many old tales and beliefs in the land of thousands of lakes.

The story of the film is told through tales that are based around the myths, legends and old beliefs that are part of the Finnish mythology.


Finnish-Swedish co-production Rasberry Boat Refugee has won The Nordic Film Award Haugesund, an award given by the Norwegian International Film Festival. the award consists of NOK 40,000 and goes to the director of the best Nordic film.

The jury members awarding the The Nordic Film Award were Guttorm Pettersson, Monique Sjøberg - Film & Kino and Edelh Ingebrigtsen from Nordkapp Filmfestival. The jury gave the following motivation for awarding:

"It is difficult to choose a favorite amongst so many films in different genres. Our joint decision is an apparently easygoing and wild comedy, but with serious intentions and pinpointing the naive and simplified perception of differences between two neighboring countries. The story is also about the feeling of not fitting into the role you are expected to fill. The main character feels that he is a cultural transvestite.

The winner is Rasberryboat Refugee / Hallonbåtsflyktningen"

Rasberry Boat Refugee is produced by Ilkka Matila for Matila Röhr Productions and  Patrick Ryborn For Eyeworks Scandi Fiktion. The film has been directed by Leif Lindblom. The film will have its Finnish opening on October 3rd and will be distributed by Nordisk Film distribution.

Rasberry Boat Refugee tells the story of Mikko Virtanen, who is a national transvestite. He is a Swedish soul trapped in a Finnish body. Upon meeting the Swedish suicidal psychologist Mikael Anderson, an opportunity for an identity switch presents itself. Raspberry Boat Refugee is an amusing comedy about cultural differences among the Nordic countries and prejudices about our neighbours.

The Norwegian International Film Festival has been held annually in Haugesund, Norway since 1973. Rasberry Boat Refugee was screened in festival's Nordic Focus sidebar, which was organized for the fifth time this year. Nordic Focus has become an important and popular part of the festival's Nordic profile.