Saturday, 21 September 2013 13:46

Tale of a Forest - Biggest Finnish Doc Ever

For producer Marko Röhr, the film’s success is down to the sweeping and unique wildlife material, patiently filmed over eight years by Hannu Siitonen, Mikko Pöllänen and Teemu Liakka, and the narration focusing on myths and legends of Finnish forests that made it appealing for audiences of all ages across the country. “We’ve had a lot of schools who came to see the film, as well as elderly people who can’t enjoy going to the forests anymore,” says Röhr, himself a fervent environmentalist. For him, screen digitization has also been crucial to the film’s success in rural areas and small to mid-size cities. “In some towns on the Eastern part of Finland the film beat James Bond’s Skyfall and in one cinema it sold more tickets than Titanic! Over 70% of all tickets sold were from cinemas outside of the Finnkino circuit,” notes Röhr.

Tale of a Forest’s music composer Panu Aalto recently won the prestigious International Film Music Critics Association Award for Best Documentary Score.